12 wild things you can discover from DNA sequencing

1- Self-actualization: achieving one’s full potential   

The desire to compete and win is deeply ingrained in our winning society. Knowing your unique genetic background, nutrition and fitness plan-based diet helps you adapt your daily meal ratios to what is genetically most beneficial to your body.  

2- Stress management 

Sometimes, stress and anxiety doesn’t come from the workload related to our jobs or our studies but it rather comes from the relentless pressures that we place on ourselves. It’s easy to say that we’ll stop demanding so much of ourselves when in fact we’re constantly overflowed with pictures and images of people who outwardly have it all together. 

3- Athletism 

Let’s think of the most successful athletes out there, for example, their success is no doubt due to their relentless effort but it’s also in part due to the ongoing mentoring and guidance that they receive from their coaches. Having a coach or someone to check in with is extremely powerful when it comes to what you’re trying to achieve. 

4- DNA fitness 

New bioinformatic solutions and DNA fitness-based softwares are developed to give you a clear insight of what your genetic intolerance and sensitivity profile is and how you can make better training choices using automatically personalized tools to fit your nutrigenetic profile from the start.  

You can also become familiar of the right way of managing your stress response and sleep habits.

5- Ancestry DNA 

Genetic sequencing companies give you the possibility to unravel your ancestry DNA and discover new relatives and distant cousins.


6- Nutrition & fitness  

Genes involved in skeletal structure, cardiac muscle and blood pressure regulation can be determining factors in knowing whether your calories intake goes to muscle composition or fat storage. 

New solutions based on sequencing technology are making a big leap forward toward offering customers a myriad of possibilities to discover what their DNA can tell them about. 

7- Comprehensive programs  

From ancestry composition to personalized cosmetics and fitness reports, DNA sequencing solutions have many to offer. 

You totally can bring new things to the table, it might not be information or expertise but it’s going to be in your story as it relates to you. There is no expectancy of return if you feel overwhelmed or intimidated by a market being oversaturated.

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8- Innovative technologies 

When we think DNA based nutrition or cosmetics solutions, we picture products driven organizations that are still for all intents and purposes very technology focused. 

We hadn’t made the transition to be really listeners of technology in our daily diet and nutrition.   

9- Personal coaching 

In the wake of new DNA sequencing technologies, customers one-to-one coaching is further closer to us than ever before. DNA sequencing programs are in fact taking a very personal marketing as an anchor in their concepts, they want to know as much about you as possible from your lifestyle preferences to what you love and what your food tastes are.  

10- Nutrigenic profile 

They are efficient about taking that information and creating a very personalized content either through giving you clear insight of what your genetic intolerance and sensitivity profile is to even providing you with automatically personalized tools to fit your nutrigenic profile.  

11- Marketing solution 

Sophisticated algorithms make personalized life choices literally a one-to-one marketing at scale. There’s nothing wrong with segment-driven marketing but it’s so much more powerful when your personal nutrition coach can talk to you about who you are what he knows you like what he is anticipating you’re going to like based on your genetic background and what you’ve liked in the past. 

12- Weight loss plans 

The returns and the responses are somewhere much higher when the content of your weight loss plan fits perfectly your personal needs. 

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